A New Analysis On Recognising Details In Crowdfunding

With investment opportunities ranging in size from $10,000 to $1.2 million, DiversyFund is leading the charge in making investments in Californias rich real estate market more accessible to small and large investors worldwide. Our goal has been to play an active role in propping up investments in Californias real estate market resurgence through technology, said Cecilio, crowdfunding DiversyFund s CEO. In a short period of time, we have found a way to make the process of investing easier, the return on investment greater, and the access to funding more palatable for the average investor seeking diversification. DiversyFund has garnered success in a growing, crowded real estate crowdfunding sector by reaching a cross-section of investors and borrowers seeking to take advantage of the strong uptick in Californias real estate market. In an environment that has been unstable for more than a decade, DiversyFund s offerings provide relative stability. Once reserved for only those with deep pockets, the tide has turned to allow more conservative investors with a practical, new option now available through the crowdfunding phenomenon. San-Diego based DiversyFund offers high-yield real estate investments to investors and provides borrowers and developers with a rapid and consistent funding pipeline. With a strict focus on California real estate, DiversyFund allows investors to get started with investments as low as $10,000.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://finance.yahoo.com/news/san-diego-based-diversyfund-driving-140000742.html

Emerging Ideas In Primary Aspects Of Crowdfunding

How to Crowdfund Hosted by Maximus Groves. 69: How to Use Crowdfunding Sites to Raise Money for Your Project with Galactic Galaxy Web Series Creator Anthony Ferraro October 2, 2015 http://media.zencast.fm/comcastro/69.mp3 We talk with Anthony Ferraro, creator of the new sci-fi comedy web series Galactic Galaxy, about how to use crowdfunding sites to raise money for your project, take a behind the scenes look at the Galactic Galaxy web series, explore the sci-fi genre as a whole, and learn from experience about making it on your own as an independent. Combining live-action performance with 2D & 3D animation, Galactic Galaxy is a visually intriguing crowdfunded web series project about a disco junkie who becomes Space Werewolf in order to save the galaxy. Inspired by Joseph Campbells Monomyth, the 1970s Heavy Metal Magazine, and 1960s Marvel cartoons, Anthony has been collaborating with artists on costumes and set, workshopping the production with the actors, and shooting test footage for the series he has written. The Indiegogo campaign, igg.me/at/galacticgalaxy , will cover the projects foray into the production stage.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.comcastro.com/how-to-use-crowdfunding-sites-to-raise-money-for-your-project-with-galactic-galaxy-web-series-creator-anthony-ferraro/


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